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XELTEK SuperPro 6000 – Universal IC Chip Device Programmer

SuperPro 6000 Universal IC Chip Device Programmer 85,052+ devices supported from 301 IC Manufacturers. ARM9 32 Bit MCU + Linux for algorithm processing. Programming speed up to 30% faster than SuperPro5000. Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GB. Stand-alone (no PC required) and PC hosted mode. Built-in 144 universal pin-driver. Comes with two-year …

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eMMC Programming Using Xeltek Programmers

eMMC Programming Using Xeltek Programmers Xeltek is the leading provider of programmers supporting high capacity eMMC devices from Hynix, Micron, Samsung, Sandisk and Toshiba. SuperPro 6000, the latest release Flash programmer, is fast and reliable when programming high density flash devices. It includes support of eMMC NAND Flash devices with up to 256 GB memory …

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Micron Device Support by Xeltek Programmer

XELTEK Programmer – New Feature for Micron Flash Device Support Today’s Flash memories are divided into several sectors and usually require less complex programming algorithms. Being able to perform sector erase will save time by allowing one sector to be erased at a time. Many serial Flash memory applications need users to quickly update BIOS partition …

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Gang Programmer Is a Thing Of The Past (IC Programmer)

Why a Stand-Alone Programmer? “Gang programming” is a common term in the non-volatile memory industry. In fact, ideas associated with gang  programming are large programming capacity, concurrent programming, ideal for production environment and low cost production… Traditional gang programming is done using 4,8, or 16 socket gang programmers. But what happens when manufacturing requirement changes? Buy another gang programmer? Xeltek Cluster programming …

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Xeltek SuperBOT-i Advanced Automated Programming System

Features – Program up to 1.400 devices / hour – 4 each 144pin socket headers – Support 65.000+ IC devices – Tape In/Out, 20 tray, Tube In/Out, Inkjet printer attachments (optional) SuperBot-I is a desktop system with the functionality and performance of a larger and more expensive floor standing system. Precision vision system allows for …

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XELTEK EPROM Programmer terbaik dengan harga ekonomis

XELTEK EPROM Programmer Terbaik Xeltek Universal Programmer mendukung berbagai macam chip EPROM / EEPROM dari bermacam-macam pabrik. EPROM Programmer dari Xeltek didukung dengan software yang dirancang sesuai kebutuhan yang sangat mudah digunakan sehingga mempermudah dan mempercepat pekerjaan. Xeltek  EPROM Programmer dapat pula di operasikan dengan cara “Stand-Alone” dengan mode ini tidak dibutuhkan koneksi ke komputer, …

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Eprom Programmer

The Best Eprom Programmer Xeltek universal programmers support a variety of EPROM/EEPROM chips from many different manufacturers. Xeltek’s programmers and user-friendly software dually provide an efficient way to program the chips. It is important to have a basic knowledge of EPROM/EEPROM chips before programming and also learning how to correctly program the chips with SuperPro …

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