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ABI Electronics – Test and measurement equipment

ABI Electronics

ABI Electronics is a UK-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes test, measurement and fault diagnostics equipment for the electronics industry. ABI has developed and implemented a range of unique test techniques to support today’s requirements for testing, measuring, maintaining and repairing PCBs. The product range is designed to reduce time to test and repair, to simplify operation and to help organise and centralise information. It also offers access to unique techniques that are not available with other instruments.

BoardMaster 8000 Plus Test and Measurement Equipment for the development maintenance and repair of PCBs

BoardMaster 8000+

Test and measurement equipment for the development, maintenance and repair of PCBs

  •  Speed up processes with interactive test sequences
  •  Reduce operator errors with automatic instrument setup
  •  Detect fault conditions not visible with other instruments
  •  Increase test coverage with innovative test techniques
  •  Diagnose programmable components with JTAG
  •  Generate your own schematics from sample PCBs
  •  Protect your business against counterfeit components

Universal diagnostic system

ABI Electronics Board Master 8000 Plus Portable Test and Measurement Equipment for the development maintenance and repair  PCBs

ABI Electronics Board Master 8000 Plus Portable

SYSTEM 8 BoardMaster 8000 PLUS

This is a uniquely versatile and self-contained solution offering a
comprehensive set of test instruments for the maintenance and
repair of digital and analogue PCBs.

  •  Reduce fault-finding time with automated test features
  •  Become self-dependent for all your maintenance needs
  •  Lower capital expenditure with one solution for all applications
ABI System 8 Diagnostic Solutions PC based Test and Measurement Equipment for the development maintenance and repair of PCBs

ABI System 8 Diagnostic Solutions PC based

Test capabilities

  •  In and out-of-circuit functional tests for digital ICs
  •  In-circuit functional tests for analogue ICs and discrete components
  •  Board level functional tests (with test fixtures)
  •  Multi-channel connection and voltage tests
  •  Power-off V/I signature tests

Advanced test features

  •  Custom logic tests with graphical generator
  •  Functional test program generator
  •  Integration with third party applications
  •  IC identification for unknown components
  •  Dynamic tests for gate-activated devices
  •  Custom traditional instruments
  •  Data logging to file or database

A TestFlow is a step by step sequence of tests that guides operators during the fault-finding process. Along with the instruments required for the tests, instructions, photos, videos and other documents can be included.

  •  Speed up test operations with the automatic instrument setup
  •  Reduce the risk of inaccurate measurements by saving the test parameters
  •  Remove data interpretation by using the automatic results comparison
  •  Free up engineers time by allowing semi-skilled operators to run TestFlows
  •  Improve traceability by generating test reports
ABI System 8 Diagnostic Solutions Test and Measurement Equipment for the development maintenance and repair of PCBs

ABI System 8 Diagnostic Solutions

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Solder Uap Murah harga Promo “Special Price JBC Solder Uap JT”

JBC Special Price – Harga Murah JBC Solder Uap

harga berlaku selama stok promo tersedia……


JBC JT-2A Solder Uap & JBC CD 2BB Soldering Station

Solder Uap JBC seri JT sangat efektif dalam pengerjaan semua jenis IC SMD, kemampuan pemanas dengan daya yang besar (1000W) membuat kinerja JT ini sangat KUAT dan CEPAT. Suhu yang dibutuhkan dalam beberapa detik dapat langsung tercapai, sehingga sangat AMAN untuk IC yang akan dibuka. Juga Aman untuk pengerjaan IC QFP dan PLCC yang terbesar sekalipun.

Video bekerja menggunakan Solder Uap JBC ini dapat dilihat di Galery IIJ juga tersedia video untuk peralatan solder JBC. Harga dan penawaran silahkan download di Price List

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Xeltek SuperBOT-I is in Action!

Xeltek SuperBOT-I is in Action!

• Throughput is up to 1400 UPH
• Internal programmer is 4 x SuperPro 5004GP
• Each module can burn chip independently
• Lower cost ever
• Support standard tray, tape, and tube
• Support 65.000 + IC devices

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PDR InfraRed Rework System use by Professional Laptop Repair

Professional Laptop Repair using PDR InfraRed Rework System

Professional Laptop Repair using PDR InfraRed Rework System

Professional Laptop Repair
Over the last 2 years, PCS/CTS of Houston, Texas, USA have built up fantastic warranty repair facility, repairing Laptops under 4 years old. The BGA desoldering/soldering functions use 20 x PDR XT5P IR Rework systems, all set up on purpose built benches. Pretty impressive to look at.

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Xeltek SuperBOT-i Advanced Automated Programming System

Xeltek Super Bot-i, Advanced Automated Programming System

Xeltek Super Bot-i, Advanced Automated Programming System

– Program up to 1.400 devices / hour
– 4 each 144pin socket headers
– Support 65.000+ IC devices
– Tape In/Out, 20 tray, Tube In/Out, Inkjet printer attachments (optional)

SuperBot-I is a desktop system with the functionality and performance of a larger and more expensive floor standing system. Precision vision system allows for accurate handling of fine pitch devices. Programming throughput of most MCU and serial eprom devices approaches 1.400/hr. It is the most valued system in the industry today.

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How To Desolder BGA Using PDR Infra Red Rework System

How To Desolder BGA Chip using Infra Red.

This video will demonstrate how to desolder a BGA Chip using Infra Red PDR BGA Rework System.

Desoldering microprocessor on Panasonic Multi-Function Laser Printer using PDR Software Control Infra-Red BGA Rework System at PT. INTI INSTRUMEN JAYA in Jakarta. Accurate picked up of BGA is possible to swap BGA component without reballing.

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How To Desoldering QFP IC (Menggunakan JBC Solder Uap / Blower Panas)

Membuka IC dengan menggunakan Solder Uap / Blower (How To Desoldering using JBC Hot Air)

Berikut kami demokan penggunaan solder uap, untuk pekerjaan pembukaan IC QFP.

Perkerjaan selesai dengan sangat cepat dengan hasil yang baik, sehingga dimungkinkan untuk melakukan kanibal komponen.

Xeltek SuperPro 7000 – Ultra Fast Programming Devices

The newest Programming Devices from Xeltek, avaliable in early 2012
Xeltek SuperPro7000 Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro7000 Programmer

  • Ultra-Fast Programming Speed: Programs 30% faster than SuperPro 5000 programmers
  • Two programmers in one, a double value: PC mode for engineering and Stand-alone mode for production. The programmer operates in either PC hosted mode or stand-alone mode.
    • Under PC hosted mode, a PC controls the programmer via a high-speed USB connection to program a chip.
    • Under stand-alone mode, the user controls the programmer via 20-characters, 4-line LCD display with 6-KEY keypad.
    • A CF (compact flash) card stores the project files.
  • The programmer support devices up to 256 GBytes.
  • Built-in 144 universal pin drivers
  • Comes with one-year free device update request support.
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

XELTEK EPROM Programmer terbaik dengan harga ekonomis

XELTEK EPROM Programmer Terbaik

Xeltek Universal Programmer mendukung berbagai macam chip EPROM / EEPROM dari bermacam-macam pabrik. EPROM Programmer dari Xeltek didukung dengan software yang dirancang sesuai kebutuhan yang sangat mudah digunakan sehingga mempermudah dan mempercepat pekerjaan. Xeltek  EPROM Programmer dapat pula di operasikan dengan cara “Stand-Alone” dengan mode ini tidak dibutuhkan koneksi ke komputer, sangat bermanfaat untuk pekerjaan di lapangan (luar ruangan), selain cepat karena tidak perlu menghidupkan komputer, mode ini membantu mengurangi beban komputer yang harus dibawa ke lapangan, memperkecil kemungkinan data error akibat komputer yang bermasalah.

Sampai saat ini Xeltek perangkat yang bisa di PROGRAMM sampai dengan 72RIBU lebih, jika dihitung harganya berarti 1 perangkat berharga 0,027$ sangat ekonomis jika dibandingkan dengan fungsinya.

Banyak keunggulan lainnya yang harus anda ketahui tentang XELTEK, agar pekerjaan anda terbantu.

Jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami XELTEK INDONESIA di Kunjungi kami untuk presentasi atau demo dari product XELTEK PROGRAMMER. Continue reading

11 Ways Steve Jobs Made Apple the Most Admired Tech Company

11 Ways Steve Jobs Made Apple the Most Admired Tech Company



Apple’s now-legendary “Think Different” advertising campaign from the late 1990s was one of the most effective of all time. It also summarizes the approach that Steve Jobs brought to his position at Apple when he returned to the company in 1997. That campaign — and Jobs — stimulated innovation and reinvention, which is what Apple, today, is all about. Continue reading