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Micron Device Support by Xeltek Programmer

XELTEK Programmer – New Feature for Micron Flash Device Support

Today’s Flash memories are divided into several sectors and usually require less complex programming algorithms. Being able to perform sector erase will save time by allowing one sector to be erased at a time. Many serial Flash memory applications need users to quickly update BIOS partition with specific data and in those cases sector erase will be extremely helpful.

Sector Erase to support Micron N25Q

Sector Erase to support Micron N25Q by XELTEK PROGRAMMER SuperPro 7000

Flash erase cycles could be very long and the number of guaranteed erase / re-write cycles is usually limited. Erasing an entire sector just because one variable changed could be costly for today’s project cycle. To avoid such dilemma, Xeltek has implemented Sector Erase capability to support Micron N25Q devices.

Most programmers use bulk erase to erase device which introduces unnecessary delays. The SuperPro7000 programmer provide the Sector Erase feature for N25Q008A/N25Q016A / N25Q032A/N25Q064A / N25Q128A/N25Q256A / N25Q512A/N25Q00A devices. Sector Erase could also be implemented on the ISP programmer, Superpro IS01, upon customer’s request.

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