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CamZ – Portable Magnification, Inspection & Documentation.

Magnification and Inspection using CamZ, also doing a simple measurement with CamZ

Magnification and Inspection using CamZ, also doing a simple measurement with CamZ

Suitable for production environments, CamZ provides high resolution magnification (upto14x) and documentation, where you want, when you want. With a high resolution colour display, simple button operation and image capture / download capability, CamZ is ideal for roving inspectors, documenting faults, or for inspecting immobile subjects.

Magnification and Inspection using CamZ

Magnification and Inspection using CamZ


  • Changeable magnifications 4x-14x
  • Can be used for all sorts of roving inspection tasks
  • High resolution display to see every detail
  • Controllable LED Illumination optimised for magnified imaging
  • Store up to 100 images
  • Share with USB connectivity
  • Includes simple on-screen X,Y dimensioning
  • Ergonomically positioned buttons

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TTi PSA 2702 – True handheld spectrum analyzers

Spectrum Analysis in the palm of your hand !

RF Test Equipment

The small size, low weight and long battery life of the PSA-T Series make it the ideal tool for RF field measurements. However, its surprisingly low cost provides every engineer with the potential to own a spectrum analyzer, whether they work in the RF field or not.
The PSA-T Series will find applications within development, servicing and production as well as field use.

PSA Series II RF Spectrum Analyzers – Big on performance, Small on size and cost

TTi PSA 2702 - True handheld spectrum analyzers

TTi PSA 2702 – True handheld spectrum analyzers


1MHz to 1300MHz or 2700MHz frequency range
 Resolution bandwidths of 1MHz, 280kHz or 15kHz
 -96dBm typical noise floor at -20dBm reference level
 Trace modes of normal, single, peak hold and average
 Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
 Live, View and Reference traces in contrasting colors
 Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values
 Measurement in dBm or dBuV, mV or uW
 Smart marker movement with selectable peak tracking
 Auto-find automatically sets sweep parameters for the highest signal found
 Unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and screens
 User assignable file names, file stamping from real-time clock
 USB interfaces for Flash drives and PC connection
 Comprehensive status and context sensitive help screens
 4.3″ colour backlit TFT display with touchscreen
 More than 8 hours continuous operation from a charge
 Smaller and lighter than other spectrum analyzers

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LCR Meter – Component Precision Measurement

LCR400 – Precision LCR Bridge

The LCR400 is a high performance LCR meter that offers an alternative to low-cost handheld units or expensive system units. Dual displays, automatic component recognition and auto-ranging make it easy to use, while its built-in test fixture and limits comparator make it suitable for applications within the laboratoryproduction or inspection areas.

TTi LCR400 LCR-Meter Component Precision Measurement

TTi LCR400 LCR-Meter Component Precision Measurement

 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
 Dual 5 digit high brightness displays
 Automatic component recognition
 Built-in 4 terminal component fixture
 Limits comparator with 8 Pass bins plus 2 Fail bins
 Three test frequencies, switchable bias
 RS-232 interface standard


TTi Precission LCR-Meter

TTi Precission LCR-Meter

Parameters Measured: R, L, C, D, & Q.
Parameter Selection: Manual or automatic selection of R, L or C.
Measurement Modes: Series or parallel equivalent circuit.
Range Hold: Prevents autoranging when changing components.
Zero Function: Nulls out up to 100pF at test fixture.
Measurement Freq.: Selectable as 100Hz/120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz.
Displayed Functions: R+Q, L+Q, C+D, C+R.


Resistance: 0.1mOhms to 990MOhms
Inductance: 0.001H to 9900H
Capacitance: 0.001pF to 99000uF
D: 0.001 to 999
Q: 0.001 to 999

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XELTEK SuperPro 6000 – Universal IC Chip Device Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro 6000 Universal IC Chip Device Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro 6000

SuperPro 6000 Universal IC Chip Device Programmer

  • 85,052+ devices supported from 301 IC Manufacturers.
  • ARM9 32 Bit MCU + Linux for algorithm processing.
  • Programming speed up to 30% faster than SuperPro5000.
  • Supports NAND / eMMC devices up to 256 GB.
  • Stand-alone (no PC required) and PC hosted mode.
  • Built-in 144 universal pin-driver.
  • Comes with two-year customer request free device support.
  • CE and RoHS Compliant.

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PDR InfraRed D35 Discovery Pro

PDR IR-D35 Discovery Pro

PDR IR-D35 Discovery Pro

IR-D35 Discovery Pro

Professional BGA Rework System

The PDR IR-D35 SMT/BGA rework system, using PDR’s patented Focused IR technology, has been specifically designed to cope with the challenges of repairing today’s PCB assemblies.

• Small -medium sized PCBs – SMDs, BGAs, uBGAs
• Software controlled, Focused IR process
• Lower cost, professional mechanics

The system is tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield BGA rework without any complications. It provides the extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of even the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, Flipchips and is ready for 0201 and lead-free applications.

The IR-D35 can be easily configured to your requirements, with a good range of advanced features to choose from, allowing the operator to quickly and safely rework all types of components without overheating the component, adjacents or the PCB. It uses all the proven attributes of PDR’s Focused IR technology, first introduced in 1987 and now used worldwide by over 4000 customers.

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Quartz IR PCB preheater: 2000w System
Optional Quartz IR PCB preheater: 750w, 1600w or 2400w
Focused IR component heating: PDR’s patented tool-free IR technology
Component nest/flux application facility: Using flux dip tray or component print frame
Precision X/Y PCB table: Macro-Micro movement and micrometer adjustment
Auto-profile process control package: With PDR’s ThermoActive V4+ software suite
BGA/ BGA alignment: High magnification, CCTV/prism based system
Auxiliary Process Camera: Optional High magnification, CCTV/prism based system
Non-contact component temperature sensing: Real time measurement of component temperatures
Precision PCB temperature sensing: Contact or non-contact temperature sensors
PCB Cooling (Optional): For fast cooling of LED-Free assemblies

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eMMC Programming Using Xeltek Programmers

eMMC Programming Using Xeltek Programmers

Xeltek is the leading provider of programmers supporting high capacity eMMC devices from Hynix, Micron, Samsung, Sandisk and Toshiba.

SuperPro 6000, the latest release Flash programmer, is fast and reliable when programming high density flash devices. It includes support of eMMC NAND Flash devices with up to 256 GB memory space. eMMC integrates Flash controller and high-speed NAND flash memory into a single FBGA package in the form of FBGA153 or FBGA169. FBGA153 package type is supported by the socket adapter CX5104 whereas FBGA169 is supported CX5113.

Universal and device independent socket adapters with up to 144 pins are available for various packages. All socket adapters do not require connection through DIP adapters, thus increasing the connection reliability. Below is the list of eMMC chips supported by SP6000 and we will be glad to support your chip if it is not listed here:

Samsung eMMC 4.4.1

Samsung eMMC Pro 266

Samsung eMMC Pro 266

KLM2G1HE3F@FBGA153 [CX5104]
KLM4G1FE3B@FBGA153 [CX5104]
KLM4G2DEJE(20M)@BGA169 [CX5113]
KLM4G2DEJE@BGA169 [CX5113]

Hynix 32nm eMMC 4.4 Product

H26M11002AAR@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
H26M21001DAR(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
H26M21001ECR(2G)@FBGA153 [CX5104-1]
H26M31001FPR(2G)@FBGA153 [CX5104-1]
H26M54001DQR(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]

Micron Managed Nand-> eMMC (2GB to 32 GB)

Sandisk eMMC Chips

Sandisk eMMC Chips


Sandisk eMMC iNAND (2GB-64GB)

SDIN2C2-2G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN2C2-4G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN2C2-8G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN4C2-8G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C1-16G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C1-4G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C1-8G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C2-4G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C2-8G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C4-16G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5C4-64G@FBGA169(*) [CX5113]
SDIN5D1-2G@FBGA153(*) [CX5104]
SDIN5D1-4G@FBGA153(*) [CX5104]
SDIN5D2-2G@FBGA153(*) [CX5104]
SDIN5D2-4G@FBGA153(*) [CX5104]
SDIN5C4-32G(INTEL)(20M)@FBGA169 [CX5158]
SDIN5C4-32G(INTEL)(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5158]

Toshiba eMMC devices:

eMMC Chips

eMMC Chips

THGBM2G6D2FBAI9(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
THGBM2G7D4FBAI9(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
THGBM2G8D8FBAI2(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5170-1]
THGBM2G8D8FBAIB(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
THGBM3G5D1FBAIE(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
THGBM4G4D1HBAIR(2G)@FBGA153 [CX5104-1]
THGBM4G8D4GBAIE(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5113-1]
THGBM4G9D8GBAII(2G)@FBGA169 [CX5170-1]

Xeltek engineering teams constantly analyze user needs in order to provide unique programming solutions.

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Micron Device Support by Xeltek Programmer

XELTEK Programmer – New Feature for Micron Flash Device Support

Today’s Flash memories are divided into several sectors and usually require less complex programming algorithms. Being able to perform sector erase will save time by allowing one sector to be erased at a time. Many serial Flash memory applications need users to quickly update BIOS partition with specific data and in those cases sector erase will be extremely helpful.

Sector Erase to support Micron N25Q

Sector Erase to support Micron N25Q by XELTEK PROGRAMMER SuperPro 7000

Flash erase cycles could be very long and the number of guaranteed erase / re-write cycles is usually limited. Erasing an entire sector just because one variable changed could be costly for today’s project cycle. To avoid such dilemma, Xeltek has implemented Sector Erase capability to support Micron N25Q devices.

Most programmers use bulk erase to erase device which introduces unnecessary delays. The SuperPro7000 programmer provide the Sector Erase feature for N25Q008A/N25Q016A / N25Q032A/N25Q064A / N25Q128A/N25Q256A / N25Q512A/N25Q00A devices. Sector Erase could also be implemented on the ISP programmer, Superpro IS01, upon customer’s request.

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Vision Mantis Stereo Viewing Systems

Mantis Stereo Viewing Systems

for wide range of inspection and material rework tasks

Low investment, compact and flexible
Mantis Compact is a high value, low investment stereo viewer which excels in the low magnification range for inspection or manipulation tasks where bench magnifiers have traditionally been used. Patented optical technology allows operators freedom of head movement for superb ergonomics and hand-eye coordination, with the ability to wear glasses if required. Operators can increase productivity and improve quality, at an affordable price.

  •  High value, low investment system
  •  Superior ergonomics for improved productivity and increased output
  •  Long working distances for easy sample manipulation and rework
  •  x2, x4, x6 and x8 quick change objectives
  •  Bright white, true color, LED illumination providing up to 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
  •  Superb hand-eye coordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
  •  Patented eyepiece-less optics maximize head freedom providing superb ergonomics and reduced eye fatigue

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Gang Programmer Is a Thing Of The Past (IC Programmer)

Why a Stand-Alone Programmer?

Gang programming” is a common term in the non-volatile memory industry. In fact, ideas associated with gang  programming are large programming capacity, concurrent programming, ideal for production environment and low cost production… Traditional gang programming is done using 4,8, or 16 socket gang programmers. But what happens when manufacturing requirement changes? Buy another gang programmer? Xeltek Cluster programming solution allows use of 1-n(15) stand-alone programmers to meet with flexible volume programming requirement.

Xeltek SuperPro 5004EGP Gang Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro 5004EGP Gang Programmer


As project requirements change, cluster models have the flexibility of 1 to 15+ units setup, allowing for easy expansion as the production need grows.

Xeltek SuperPro 501S Cluster Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro 501S Cluster Programmer


Cluster operation does away with a PC attached, thus saving the cost of a PC, increase reliability, and also save cost of an expensive PC operator. There is no need to pay full price for a set number of socket programmer to program IC chips in parallel.

Xeltek SuperPro 5000 Cluster Programmer

Xeltek SuperPro 5000 Cluster Programmer


Gang programmer shuts the production down when the entire unit has to be sent back for service. With the Xeltek Cluster solution, only the defective unit is sent back for service and production continues! Cost of service is cheaper and disruption is minimal.


A PC attached in the production environment can cause various problems. Programming reliability is reduced due to PC susceptibility to external environment, data may be compromised, and operator mistake can induce programming quality problem. CF cards with important codes can easily be removed and stored in a safe area.

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Abi BoardMaster 8000 Plus – Universal Diagnostics Systems

ABI BoardMaster 8000 Plus

– The Ultimate in Diagnostics Tools –

The ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is a uniquely versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. Whether your task is design verificationproduction test, semiconductor device testing, production repair or general maintenance, and whether your boards are analogue, digital or both, the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS provides the ultimate in diagnostic tools.

ABI BoardMaster 8000 Plus, Checking Telecomunication PCB

ABI BoardMaster 8000+

  • Component and board level testing
  • Digital & analogue functional tests
  • Power on and power off tests
  • Single point measurements
  • Automated test procedures
  • Configurable software
  • QA reporting facility
  • Custom instruments

The perfect solution for all your test requirements…

Today’s rapidly changing, dynamic and progressive electronics industry presents multiple problems to engineers, whether they are working in design, production, test or fault-finding. Electronic circuits are becoming faster, smaller, cheaper and more complex. Cost-effective test and repair is also becoming more difficult to achieve. As a result, you are making ever increasing demands on your test equipment to keep pace with the challenges presented by this explosion of technology. If you recognise the problems, you are half way to finding the solution.

Even though technology marches relentlessly on, the basic nature of faults remains the same. ICs still fail, diodes still become open circuit, capacitors still become short circuit. A solder bridge today is the same as a solder bridge 10 years ago. But today we must find these faults quicker. “Beyond economical repair” does not mean that the board cannot be repaired, only that it will take too long.

The economics of repair also includes the cost of test equipment. The BoardMaster 8000 PLUS offers cost-effective fault-finding across a wide range of applications. It is an integrated package of high specification instrumentation controlled by sophisticated but easy to use software. The hardware is installed in a rugged transportable case that also contains a high specification, MS Windows™ compatible PC. The BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is a modular system and can therefore be customised for specific applications. The standard configuration offers :

Board Fault Locator Module (BFL)

The BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is supplied with two Board Fault Locator modules giving 128 test channels for a variety of test methods. These provide comprehensive fault diagnosis capability and include functional testing of digital ICs (in-circuit / out-of-circuit), IC connections status and voltage acquisition together with a V-I Curve function which allows testing of components with no need to apply power to the board.

Analogue IC Tester Module (AICT)

The Analogue IC Tester allows in-circuit functional testing of analogue ICs and discrete components. All common analogue devices can be tested as they are configured on the PCB, without programming or the need to refer to circuit diagrams. The AICT also includes a fully configurable V-I Tester for detection of faults on un-powered boards through clear and easy to understand graphical results.

Multiple Instrument Station Module (MIS)

The Multiple Instrument Station provides no less than 8 high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module. Ideal for design, education or for general purpose workbench use, the MIS offers a Frequency Counter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Digital Floating Multimeter, Auxiliary PSU and Universal I/O. For optimised utilisation, standard instruments can be customised or new ones can be designed to suit applications.

Variable Power Supply Module (VPS)

The Variable Power Supply provides the necessary supply voltages to the unit under test. The three outputs are variable in voltage and offer over voltage protection or current limitation.

Applications: who uses the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS?

With customers ranging from a manufacturer of flight simulators to an aluminium company, from an IC manufacturer to universities and technical colleges, the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS, and its associated range SYSTEM 8, demonstrates its versatility everyday, in every technical field available and in every corner of the world. Many repair centres are equipped with the BoardMaster to offer the best fault coverage and maintenance capabilities to their wide range of customers including telecommunications, transportation and even consumer goods. Thanks to a strong network of partners, the BoardMaster is also the instrument of choice for many land forces, air force and navy organisations around the globe.

Advanced applications : high volume and end-of-line testing

ABI BoardMaster 8000 Checking HoneyWell PCB at PT. Inti Instrumen Jaya

ABI BoardMaster 8000 Checking HoneyWell PCB at PT. Inti Instrumen Jaya

The BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is also an excellent solution to set up customised rigs and test stations which aim are to ensure the quality of a large number of PCBs through a test protocol. Some setups, for instance, use the Multiple Instrument Station (MIS) module to acquire a variety of measurements whilst the Board Fault Locator (BFL) module is used to control the multiplexing of test points. Test time is kept to a minimum thanks to the automated test sequences (TestFlows) which are also able to log results for reporting.

Source ABI Electronics Indonesia
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